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Pain is characterized by nerve activity at locations on the body know as Active Trigger Points. This pain can be removed, reduced, or interfered with by applying dense electrical pulses at these Active Trigger Points. These pulses stimulate the nerve endings to cause the release of natural endorphins and provide highly effective pain relief. The challenge for the medical profession has always been how to accurately identify and locate these Active Trigger Points and how to then quickly and accurately treat them using the right type of electrical pulse. Until now.   


Soleve uses multiple sophisticated measuring and pulsing non-invasive miniature probes to accurately acquire the electrical properties of hundreds of points on your back or neck. Using this information it then applies a series of hyper-stimulation electrical pulses to targeted locations on your back or neck. The process is fast, accurate and fully automated. It works by generating a two dimensional image of skin impedance, then image processing algorithms analyse the data to identify the locations for treatment. The appropriate points are then targeted for stimulation. The treatment then comprises a series of localised, dense electrical pulses, delivered to each of the targeted points, accelerating the release of our body’s natural pain killers and relieving pain. A back session takes around 40 minutes for a complete procedure, and a neck session around half that time. Over 70,000 procedures have been successfully performed and clinical studies have demonstrated significant relief in back pain after a series of six treatment sessions.

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